Alan Wake… me up with a coffee

Hey there, this is my first post so forgive me if it’s awesome, don’t want you bloggers with bad first posts to be jealous or anything.  😉

I’m not the most accomplished of writers so forgive my “I’m-talking-to-you” style of writing.

So yeah, I recently played Alan Wake on Steam and when I say recently, it’s like a month ago. The way my memory is, I may as well be making this stuff up. From what I remember, it’s a good game but a little on the repetitive side and well, honestly, a little odd but in general — fun.

You play as some writer guy who’s staying with his wife in some place.

Things go sideways and you end up looking for her while killing… well, for lack of a better way of saying it, shadow people.

They’re actually just the townspeople with some sort of corruption thing going on.

In essence, it’s a game about being a serial killer, which ethically seems a little wrong but it’s a game so I’m not judging.

In any case, there’s a handful of different enemies. The boss types seem to be mostly possessed vehicles which want to run over your face and you beat them by shining your torch at them… over, and over, and… you get the idea.

You get a few different guns but most of the time, it’s easier to just run to the next checkpoint…

Unless of course, the game forces you into a blind-the-people, then shoot-them-in-the-face situation.

The only real progression seems to be in the story, but the weapons and map feel mostly the same throughout its entirety.

Anyways, it’s good-ish. I’d give it 2/4 stars which for me, basically means playable and somewhat enjoyable but id rather loose a hand than play through it again.


  1. Hey buddy nice review but I think you should use this review as a monologue and try making YouTube videos bro.

    I’d watch them. 🙂

    • Cheers man, its definitely something i’m considering. If i do then its nice to know ill have at least one viewer. Thanks for the comment man and hope you like the next one when i get it written. 🙂

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